Empower Your Academic Journey with Mentor

Your All-in-One Solution for Student Success

Mentor is not just a tool, it's your personal academic ally. Designed with the sophistication of a business software, Mentor equips students with advanced features to manage projects, track time, handle tasks, and much more, all in one place.
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Amazing Set Of Features

All the important tools that you need

Leads & Opportunities

Capture new goals and convert them into "paying" customers. Craft impressive proposals for your projects and create estimates for your projects.

Project Management

Streamline your Project Management with our advanced features, including project templates and cloning.

Share Knowledge & Workflows

Build a knowledgebase and create a self-service information repository for your team.

Task Management

Enhance your task management with features like task cloning, timers, and reminders. Assign tasks to your study group members and keep everyone on track.

One tool to replace them all

Forget about jumping from one tool to another, just to get the job done.

With our CRM, you get all the tools that you need in a single, easy to use application.
Amazing Set Of Features

All the important tools that you need

Productivity Redefined

The complete productivity tool for your business